How We Work


Group Of Coworkers Discussing In Conference Room

To achieve the highest levels of reliability possible, we incorporate the following into our recruitment process:

  1. In-House Training- To ensure that our corporate clients are presented with the best prospects in the job market, we provide all candidates with in-house training programs that are second to none.
  2. Assessment- Upon completion of training, students will sit for a final written test which determines the next step to follow.
  3. Certification-Success in the test certifies the completion of our training programme (s). Successful candidates will receive a certificate. If however any student is unsuccessful, he/she is allowed two resits.
  4. Interview- Qualified candidates are then rigorously interviewed.
  5. Consideration- Before submitting candidates resume, we ensure that they are suited to specific organisation and job roles.
  6. Client Meeting- We meet with corporate clients one on one to discuss job specifications in detail.
  7. Delivery- A final shortlist of candidates is then delivered to prospective employers.